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Eunmi (Ellie) Jeong

Ph.D. student in the Information School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

My research interests center on user behavior and motivation in online communities. My work involves investigating underlying causes that drive users to behave a certain way and building design frameworks for user-centered information systems based on a better understanding of users.



2021 Aug     Ph.D. in Information (in progress)

                      Advisor: Dr. Corey B. Jackson

                      University of Wisconsin – Madison, Madison, Wisconsin

2019-2021   MS in Information Management, Certificate of

                      Advanced Study (C.A.S) in Data Science  (GPA 4.0/4.0)                          Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York


2008             Exchange Student

                      University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom


2006-2011   Bachelor of Business Administration

                      BA in English Language and Literature (double major) 

                      (GPA 4.08/4.5)                                

                      Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Republic of Korea



  • Jeong, E., Jackson, C., Dowthwaite, L., Ahmad, T., Trouille, L. (2023). Assessing the Value Orientations of Contributors to Virtual Citizen Science Projects. In The 11th International Conference on Communities and Technologies (C&T) (C&T ’23), May 29–June 02, 2023, Lahti, Finland. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 12 pages.

  • Tang, J., Zhang, P., Jeong, E. (2023). Contextualizing Gamification Design: Using Extended Achievement Goal Theory to Understand College Learner Differences. Proceedings of the 56th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS).

  • Jeong, E., Jackson, C., Dowthwaite, L., Johnson, C., Trouille, L. (2023). The Value Orientations of Volunteers and their Influence on Human Behaviors in Citizen Science, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) 2023 (under review)

  • Jackson, C., Dowthwaite, L., Jeong, E., Trouille, L. (2023). Who's Who in the Zooniverse: Results from a Large-Scale Participant Survey of Citizen Science Contributors, Citizen Science: Theory and Practice (CSTP) (under review).

  • Tang, J., Jeong, E., Zhang, P. (2023). Goal Structuration for Gamification in Learning (GSGL): A Theory-driven Framework for Gamification Design in Technology-Mediated Learning Systems, Education and Information Technologies (EIT) (under review)

  • Zhang, P., Tang, J., Jeong, E. (2022). ACADEMIC AND SOCIAL ACHIEVEMENT GOAL STRUCTURES IN COLLEGE EDUCATION, International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED) 2022 Proceedings, pp. 719-723.

  • Zhang, P., Tang, J., Jeong, E. (2021). A Meta-review of Gamification Research. In: Toeppe, K., Yan, H., Chu, S.K.W. (eds) Diversity, Divergence, Dialogue. iConference 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12646. Springer, Cham.

  • Jackson, C., Dowthwaite, L., Jeong, E., Johnson, C., Miller, G., Lintott, C., Trouille, L. (2022). The 2021 Zooniverse Participant Survey, Poster session at the Citizen Science Association (C*Sci) 2022



2021-2022      TA for LIS 201: The Information Society,

                         University of Wisconsin – Madison, Madison,


2021                TA for IST 755: Strategic Management of 

                         Information Resources, Syracuse University,

                         Syracuse, New York

Research Experience

2022-Current   Project Assistant (PA), The Information School, 

                          University of Wisconsin – Madison, Madison,

                          Wisconsin, Advisor: Dr. Corey B. Jackson

2020-2021       Faculty Assistant (FA), School of Information

                          Studies, Syracuse University,

                          Syracuse, New York, Advisor: Dr. Murali


Professional Experience

2020                 Project Manager (Intern), TruWeather Solutions,

                          Syracuse, New York                                          

2011-2019       Overseas Sales Manager, Hyundai Corporation

                          Holdings, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Awards & Honors

2019-2021    Graduate Program Excellence Tuition Scholarship,

                       Syracuse University

2008              Merit-based Scholarship for Exchange Students,

                       University of Leicester

2006-2008    Academic Excellence Scholarship, Sungkyunkwan



2021 Sep-        Lab Meeting Organizer (MadCollab)

2021 Dec         University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wisconsin

                         Prepared the materials for the weekly lab

                         meeting and facilitating internal communication


2020 Jul-         Vice Chair of Korean Student Association (KSA)

2021 May        Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

                         Supported settlement of incoming students and led

                         social events for interaction among the association



2020 May-      Vice President of iSchool Graduate Organization

2021 May       Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

                        Led career and social events to support School

                        graduate students under the COVID-19 pandemic

2016 Oct-       Representative CA (Change Agent) of Brand

2017 Jun         Business Division

                        Hyundai Corporation Holdings, Seoul, Republic of


                        Led biweekly division-wide campaign and group

                        activities to disseminate corporate mission and 

                        enhance teamwork



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